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Godzilla Finds Love

by Groovy Godzilla

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Album will be Free/Pay Your Own Price when Godzilla Finds Love On Valentine's Day!

Straight through the airwaves to all the cool cats out there, Groovy Godzilla got you covered! Comin' straight from the studios in Monster Island, Groovy found his Groovette. Releasing the brand new tunes in, "Godzilla Finds Love", hoping to spread the love out there for all you monsters! This is Groovy Godzilla signing out! Peace!

This is album is free, but donations (Pay Your Own Price) to buy me monster food and music gear is welcome!

Special Thanks To:
Daniel Gomez: For giving me so much input on this project, and being such a good pal.
Crystal Tokyo - For being a great buddy, and helping me develop as an artist
Zeroh - For being a great buddy, and helping me develop as an artist, and shreddin'!
T, Nick, Nick, Sam - For being a great buddies, and helping me develop as an artist
Leah Garza - For being the best girlfriend I could have. You're awesome, and this album goes to you!

Samples Used (Sorry I forgot to do this a while ago haha! My apologies to the artist who I admire and influence from!) (I highly suggest you check out these artists. They are all amazing, and it's always great to listen and support the originals!):

At First Sight / George Benson - Feel Like Making Love

She's So Groovy / Mariah Carey - Emotions

When I'm With Her / Bar Kays - Anticipation

You're Viewtiful Baby / Hitomi Tohyoma - Tuxedo Connection

Don't Ever Want To Lose You / Eddy Money - Maybe I'm A Fool

This Love Is Totally Awesome / O'Jays - Used Ta Be My Girl

See You Soon / Yoko Oginome - Postcard From Paris

Ghostly Godzilla Cant Lose / Khemistry - I Can't lose With The Stuff I Use


released February 14, 2015




Groovy Godzilla Long Beach, California

Stay Groovy!

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