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Godzilla Saves Earth

by Groovy Godzilla

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released July 18, 2016

Groovy Godzilla Rises from the ocean once more, to blast sound waves to the people of Earth! Straight from Monster Island, this is Groovy Godzilla like you have never heard him before! This one is for all the cool cats out there, vibin' to these new radioactive experiments the godzilla put out to save the people of Earth. Much love to all the fans out there, and most of all, stay groovy!

This is album is free, but donations (Pay Your Own Price) to buy me monster food and music gear is welcome!

Special Thanks To:
Daniel Gomez: For being one of the raddest dudes on Earth.
Leah Garza: For always being there for me, and listening to all of my music, and helping me with it! I miss you babe! I'll be back from Seattle soon!
Yung Bae, Macross 82-99, Saint Pepsi, and the Futurefunk/Vaporwave scene: For inspiring me to make this beautiful genre of music
Mr. Wax - Glad we can keep working together, stay groovy dude!
ceruleancerise - JAAAAMMMMEEEESSSSSS. Super amazing artist, and I always bounce ideas off this guy. He's awesome
Astroblk - One of the most talented and funniest guys I know. You sleepin' on him if you don't know the name. Close friend of mine, and glad to be collabing with him.
Future Society - For being one of the best collectives on the internet, and for all the babymake jokes
Nostalgia Infinite Records - For keeping it all together, and working hard

Samples Used (I highly suggest you check out these artists. They are all amazing, and it's always great to listen and support the originals!):

(Available Upon Request, the final list is still a work in progress. Been Quite busy with work and things, I hope you understand:

Mighty Morphin': Dionne Warwick - Deja Vu

So Alive feat. Astroblk: (Astroblk has the sample, and can't find the original)

Aye You With The Afro: Linda Clifford - Never Gonna Stop

Back In The Days: Aru Takamura - Let Your Love Grow

Finally Free feat. Mr. Wax: Hiroshi Sato - Crawl

No Worries: Hi-Fi Set - Mizuiro no Wagon

Thanks For Everything: (One Of My Records need to find it, TBD)

Surfin' The Web: Momoko Kikuchi - Mystic Composer

She's The One I Used To Love: (One Of My Records need to find it, TBD, I Think it's Whispers?)

There Used To Be Fire feat. Astroblk: Ozone - Your Love Stays On My Mind

Shard Of Stars feat. David Nuon: 加奈子和田 - SUNDAY BRUNCH




Groovy Godzilla Long Beach, California

Stay Groovy!

Nostalgia Infinite Records!

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